Rustic Lake House kitchen stools

photo of barstools

Wood and metal kitchen bar stools

wood and metal barstools

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8 Responses to Rustic Lake House kitchen stools

  1. Mwvon says:

    These are exactly what I’ve been looking for to go in the lake house. I needed 25″ or a little higher. What is the cost?

  2. Malina Lindell says:

    I would like a quote on these stools in a 24″ (counter height).

  3. Barbara D Stevens says:

    Would love to know price on these….. love them.

  4. clarencethefifth says:


    Are these still available? Looking for about 26″ height. Any chance there is a version with a white or lighter tone? (I could of course paint.) Any other photos/info would be very helpful.

    Thank you,


    • Hello Casey
      Yes, these barstools are still available. However, they are only available in a 24″ height, which is counter height. There is a whitewash wood seat with black metal base option. Please let me know if you are interested or if you have any further questions.
      Thank you!

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