Lisa J. Hincher began The Good Home out of a passion and drive to work with clients in helping them transform their homes into beautiful, inviting, and timeless spaces.

Lisa J. Hincher

photo of Lisa Hincher

Inspired to create spaces that set the foundation for her clients’ lives and the way they want to live in their homes, Lisa started The Good Home in 2013. Prior to beginning her business in Maine, Lisa owned a decorative painting business in New York and worked as a buyer and merchandiser for a home decor store in Portland. 

Lisa is driven by a belief that her clients’ homes should be a reflection of themselves. With a strong attention to detail and a particular enthusiasm for organization and project management, Lisa takes a hands-on approach with her clients, from her initial discovery call right through to the install day.

Renovation and design is in her blood. She grew up surrounded by every element of it: a grandfather who was a home builder and contractor, her father in the construction industry for 40 years, and a mother who loved to decorate their homes. Lisa truly loves the evolution of the project from the conceptual and design phase, through demo and the buildout, and especially the final client reveal.

Above all, Lisa strives to create a home for her clients that is not only comfortable, welcoming, and timeless, but one that also fits the unique needs and lifestyle of the family members who live there. She realizes that working with an interior designer is an investment and she honors that philosophy by seeking to create a home that is simply her clients’ very favorite place to be.

“Lisa made me feel at ease with her broad knowledge and vision of what my project could be.”

– Sue W.
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