Bedroom on a Budget

Bedroom on a Budget

One of the best parts of my job is that you never know what your next project will be.  The scope of each project and the people involved are what makes it so interesting!  For a recent project, I was hired to help a lovely client redo her Master Bedroom.  She loves DIY projects and we were working within a strict budget.  Great information for me! It’s always best to know your parameters when you start out.

Information in hand, we set out to make a huge transformation. The bedroom was really outdated and she was ready for a total overhaul.  She wanted bright and cheerful, reminiscent of a tropical theme, but not cliché or overdone.  I wanted her bedroom to have the tropical colors she desired, be bright and airy,  but sophisticated – definitely a grown-up space!

The overall transformation was incredible and the client couldn’t be more happy! She put in a lot of hard work and time painting and wallpapering.  That effort makes the finished space even more rewarding when its complete.

This is what we did:

  • Painted the walls and trim – done by the client
  • Created a grass cloth wallpaper feature wall – hung by the client
  • New carpeting
  • Painted the dresser and bookshelves with an ombre effect – done by the client
  • Purchased new hardware for the dresser
  • New bedding, pillows and window treatments
  • Constructed a headboard and purchased a larger mattress set
  • Added pendant lighting and table lamps
  • Added new accessories and minimized existing accessories
  • Framed vacation photos for the feature wall

Before and after photos:

The before and after photos show the old dated wallpaper and border and the new grasscloth feature wall, new headboard, bedding and pillows and framed vacation photos.

I rearranged the layout at the opposite end of the room.  We added new panels to the windows, uncovered the fantastic vintage chair, so you could see it, added a pendant light and bright table lamp and hung different artwork the client already owned.  These changes better define this part of the room and give it more purpose.

Since new furniture was not in the budget, we totally revamped the existing dresser.  It received a fresh coat of soft, creamy white paint, and the homeowner painted the drawers in an ombre effect.  I selected new hardware that gives the dresser drawers a more substantial feel and adds a little sparkle. The brushed nickel pulls really add another element to the dresser.  The difference is fantastic!!

The homeowner told me she doesn’t like all walls the same in her room.  Sounded like a perfect opportunity to me to make a feature wall! The grass cloth wallpaper adds a bit of sophistication to the bright colors throughout the room and anchors the newly built headboard and larger mattress set.  We selected a few of her favorite vacation photos and she had them enlarged.  We hung them in floating frames over the bed. New bedding and pillows and a few of her existing accessories complete the look

A last minute addition to the project was the installation of these paneled closet doors, which replaced louvered bi-fold doors.  It was a great decision!


This project was a great collaboration between myself and the homeowner.  Once she had approved my design proposal, she got straight to work doing her DIY projects.  I think she did an incredible job and I hope she will enjoy her new bedroom!  In this project, I truly believe both the homeowner and I worked together as a fantastic  Design*Decorate*Delight team!

Let me know what you think of this project!  And if you like seeing these projects, be sure to Follow my blog so you won’t miss out!


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