Master Suite Retreat

Currently, I’m working on ideas for a Master suite for a great couple with two young boys. As you can imagine, their days are full of non-stop activity, noisy laughter,  and constant commotion – as they should be!  They want a place where they can close the doors to the rest of the house and feel a sense of calm, rest and relaxation – their own personal retreat.   I want to incorporate the beautiful views of the ocean outside their windows, and bring that sense of nature inside.

Here are some of the ideas that will transform their space into the retreat they deserve:


frameless shower - door and dog-leg
Portland Glass

A frameless glass shower will add clean lines and a modern look to the spa-like space they want

These are just two of the beautiful,  watery-blue glass tile options for the shower area

This photo shows a great way to add wall storage.  The existing bathroom has two separate vanities, but the idea is the same.  Create a simple, but efficient way to remove the everyday items from the counter tops.



The homeowner had clipped a photo of these lamps. I think it would be a great addition to the reading nook or another corner of the room.  They add a natural, organic element to the space, and necessary extra lighting.

These lamps would make great bedside tables!  The homeowner loves birds. These lamps are beautiful and but not too serious!

Florabunda - Sea Glass fabric

This fabric is gorgeous!  It would be beautiful as pillows on the bed, an ottoman in the reading nook, or pillows for the chairs.  The nature inspired palette works beautifully and allows for so many colors to be brought into the space.Alexa slipcovered chair

A pair of these slip-covered chairs in a natural linen would make the reading nook so inviting!  They are extremely comfortable and beg you to sit and read a book, or just drift off and relax. Throw in an ottoman, and you won’t want to leave.

This rug works great too.  Just a bit of color, pattern and texture to tie in with our fabrics but not overwhelm any of the other elements in the room.

There are still many more details to be decided. However, this is a good start in pulling together the couple’s existing furniture with new lighting, rugs, seating, and pillows. Together with the bathroom makeover – this couple will get just what they need –   a comfortable, functional, and inviting master suite retreat.

Thanks for reading!

As always, remember to Design*Decorate*Delight!!

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