Karen Milliken – June 2017

I am so pleased with my “new ” home. Following the initial consultation, Lisa captured perfectly the quiet, peaceful sophistication that I was seeking. Aesthetically pleasing and at the same time livable. Lisa selected and presented paint colors, fabrics, furniture and drapes that all worked. In addition, Lisa’s attention to detail and unparalleled service exceeded my expectations and provided a truly finished look that I would not have been able to achieve on my own. The finishing touches made a big difference. I can’t say enough good things. Great to work with. Highly professional. Exceptional service and work product. I highly recommend Lisa and The Good Home.

Margret Mayo – March 2017

I have used decorators in the past for small projects but have never been as pleased as I was with Lisa. I was almost embarrassed to contact her because I really only wanted her to settle a dispute between my husband and myself about paint colors. He wanted BOLD and I wanted a change but wasn’t sure about using darker colors. Lisa arrived and spent an hour with us discussing our ideas. We toured the house and she took notes on the things that were bothering us about a few rooms. She returned about a month later and she had paint colors and a wonderful presentation of ideas to take care of the issues that we had with the house. We took everything on board and over the next few months we worked with Lisa to implement all of her ideas and we could not be more pleased. The paint colors are perfect in our house and my husband and I both love them.
The thing I like the most about Lisa is that she really listens to what you want. In the end I feel that she guided us to complete our house to our taste, not hers. 
We would use Lisa again and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Dave Hayman – February 2017

When we came to Lisa, our hearts were already broken by a previous remodel attempt that left both our home and our faith in the process damages. Our house had become a reminder of bad decisions and how we had been deceived by poor contractors.

Enter Lisa and the Good Home. One of the most compelling things about our remodel was how much Lisa and her amazing team really *cared* about what had been done to us and how sincere their desire was to make it right. Lisa delivered to us a beautiful design that we are very happy with, but she also delivered it via an engaging process that had us working with top quality professionals every step of the way. From the delivery of the design, to demo day and all the way to the finish and reveal Lisa was a partner in every sense of the word, managing all the day to day challenges of the project with a smile on her face and always keeping us in the loop.

I can’t say enough good things about Lisa’s approach to our remodel and the amazing team of caring professionals she brings in for each aspect of the work. Highly recommended!

Lisa Smith – August 2016

I hired The Good Home to help me with my master bath which desperately needed some personality. Lisa and I met and discussed my likes and dislikes. I instantly felt a connection to her and had the utmost trust in her ability and recommendations. She came back a week later with different design options, all of which I instantly fell in love with. It was a tough choice to pick one over the other as they were both so incredible. Needless to say, we choose Option #1. She delivered exactly what she promised and every time I walk past my master bath, I smile. She truly did a wonderful job. The materials were high end and the installation people (electrician, painter, etc) were top notch and professional. It was money well spent… I would not hesitate to use The Good Home again, and in fact, when I undertake the project of redecorating my dining room, Lisa will be the first person I call.

Pamela Beaule – August 2016

Lisa Hincher is absolutely the best! She came in and looked at our home, which had become cluttered, drab and old. I couldn’t get anyone in the family to pick up after themselves. Lisa made excellent recommendations which transformed our home and updated it. She always went above and beyond by coming in with little things that made a huge difference. She managed all the subcontractors so I didn’t have to worry about anything. That’s huge in my book, as I don’t have the time to deal with those details. I am so proud of our home now and can’t wait for our Christmas Open House to share it with friends and family. I got the added benefit of my family now picking up after themselves and keeping this nice looking! My husband has even picked up a few designing ideas from Lisa and is adding little things to the home. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a change. Words can’t express how pleased I am with the outcome.

Sue Waltz – June 2016

I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough. From the initial phone call when we spoke, as I had never done any size renovations, she made me feel very comfortable. When we had our initial consultation she made me feel at ease with her broad knowledge, and vision of what my project could be. The proposal presentation was so thorough! Lisa thoughtfully included so many details we had spoken about, and really took into consideration my needs, and how my home was used. Lisa brought her vision to life, and it’s the beyond my expectations! The timeline was very tight, but it was delivered on time and within budget. Now that I’ve lived in the space for almost 6 months, it still amazes me with all the details she included in my project to make my life easy, and what a beautiful space to live.
Please note that my pictures don’t do the project justice. Lisa did have professional pictures taken, and if she would provide you those, you would see what an amazing job she did.



tess_10509- August 2015

Lisa, where to start, she created my home.. I am so happy in my new home. I found Lisa on Houzz and contacted her, she came over and talked for a long while. She came back with a plan, and plan I would not probably have thought of! She brought teal into my mostly fall color home, I would say Lisa brought PZZZAAZZZ! I went from loving my home to adoring my home.. when I go into my bedroom I just sit and look, it’s so peaceful.. I would recommend Lisa to anyone.. I would not hesitate to ask her for advice and I will use her services I am sure again.

Erin Murphy – July 2015

I get all starry-eyed when I talk about working with Lisa Hincher at The Good Home. Not only does she have incredible taste, she also managed to zero in on OUR taste very quickly, despite only seeing a totally empty house, a few photos, and a Pinterest board. She acted as project manager on a whole punch list of projects, coordinating sub-contractors and schedules for best cost efficiency, working with me from afar, and updating me all along the way. She handled the painting of most of the interior rooms; building a bench in the breakfast nook; redoing the powder room; turning an empty laundry room into a mudroom/laundry with lots of storage and drying racks; building a wall of bookshelves including a secret door; replacing many light fixtures and window coverings; moving a closet from one wall to another in a bedroom and replacing the carpet; adding a barn door with custom porthole-style opening between the laundry room and living area; and more–even calling in a favor to get our boiler replaced when she discovered our house’s interior was frigid right before Thanksgiving! When we finally arrived with the moving truck, the house was ready to move into, right on time, and I have a lovely palette to work with for any new furnishings. When I’m ready to update kitchen and upstairs baths and add a guest cottage, I will definitely turn to Lisa!


rdresser – June 2015

Lisa worked with me to create a bedroom/office space in my oversized bedroom and she did an amazing job!! We initially spent a couple of hours together and from that she created a beautiful plan that totally captured my taste. Then she executed the plan by involving a very talented finish carpenter and a craftsman who created a one-of-a-kind desk for the space. During the process she was very responsive to my questions and concerns and was always very professional and thoughtful. I hope I get the chance to work with her again in the future!

slbeety – February 2015

Lisa was great in listening to my ideas. She made suggestions with enthusiasm and
showed me to look at the bigger picture. The finish job came out fantastic. I have all ready called her with a few more questions.
Thank you Lisa!

meghankate- April 2015

If you are interested in transforming your kitchen (or any room) into a magazine quality design, hire Lisa Hincher/The Good Home as your designer/project manager. We began working with Lisa on a master bedroom decorating and bathroom renovation project. We were so pleased and delighted with her work that we decided to hire her to orchestrate a major kitchen renovation. She connected us with the very best contractors/custom woodworkers and brought to life ideas that we would never have thought of or considered without her help. She made a complicated and very in-depth process seem effortless. In three months of working with her she *never once* dropped the ball and exceeded our expectations time and time again. Her connections in the industry are invaluable. We have heard so many negative stories about contractors but the people that Lisa brought to this project were the most hard-working and reliable individuals that we have ever encountered in this field. The end result is a truly breathtaking space that we enjoy greatly. I feel confident in recommending Lisa wholeheartedly. She is creative, thoughtful, detail-oriented, well-connected and just a great person to be around.

stratty1 – January 2015

I am so happy I found Lisa Hincher! My husband and I were planning to renovate a room in our house that hadn’t been used in 16 years. We knew we wanted to make it into a bar/hangout room for friends and family. We had a few ideas of what we wanted but mostly what we didn’t want. Lisa put her plan together and the day she presented it to us, we were so excited! Every turn of the page lead to even better things. She came up with a plan that we would have never come up with. It turned out amazing! Lisa was there every step of the way to tend to any questions we had. Everyone who has seen the bar room is amazed at how the room transformed from a big empty room to a “tavern” in our house. Lisa Hincher was the reason this room came out so perfect!

dcallahan – October 2014

Lisa Hincher at The Good Home is an outstanding designer. From our first conversation it was obvious she had a genuine interest in meeting all of our needs. I am absolutely thrilled with our new home office. It is highly functional, welcoming and aesthetically pleasing. All this while staying within our budget!
Lisa’s design skills are top notch. She is resourceful, fun to work with, and goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service.
I would highly recommend Lisa for any project in your home!

kgevents – July 2014

My husband found The Good Home Interiors & Design on the Internet and we could not be more pleased with the job Lisa did for us.  She is a true professional with a great demeanor, creative spirit and just all around good vibe.  We both work and travel quite a bit and we needed a designer who could step up to the plate and bat a home run (in a very short time frame).  Our challenge was, we needed to have her design our summer home in Maine during the Spring months while we were in Virginia, so we were in two separate locations.  She listened carefully to our vision, made arrangements to see the house and quickly turned around a proposal with multiple options we could view via email.  She designed and furnished our entire home on Bear Pond and it is truly extraordinary!

cam4306 – May 2014

We initially asked Lisa to provide some consultation on interior paint colors.  As the process unfolded, we decided to expand the initial scope to include a ceiling light, draperies and a rug for the dining room as well as a Roman shade for the kitchen.  Within two weeks, we had a proposal as well as some alternatives.  We loved her choices and the prices seemed very reasonable.  The initial project is complete now and we absolutely love it.  Lisa is extremely customer focused and very conscientious.  Unlike other designers, she doesn’t simply shop from “designer” sources, but goes out of her way to get her clients the best deal.  She was also more than willing to present ideas and do the research on other projects despite there being no assurance that we would or could do those additional items.  Lisa is extremely punctual and personable.  We would work with her again if we have the opportunity.  It’s also worth noting that at one point when one of her vendors was not able to meet the schedule that was expected, Lisa put in a lot of time finding an alternative source for the same product to meet our expectations regarding schedule.  She wasn’t willing to take the easy way out and simply blame it on the vendor.  Great job from The Good Home!!!

meghankate – February 2014

If you are looking for an excellent, professional Interior Designer who will bring inspiration, beauty and ease to your project (small or large) I highly suggest you contact Lisa Hincher at The Good Home. My husband and I could not be happier with the job she did for us transforming our bedroom and bathroom into a spa-like, luxurious haven.
With two small children and a chronic illness, I was not sure that this was the right time to take on this project but Lisa made my experience fun and worry-free and just seamless and timely and with great attention to detail. She was hard-working and responsive and flexible and juggled 4 or 5 contractors like it was nothing. She quickly came into synch with our personal style and also was able to surprise us with details and inspirations that we could never have come up with ourselves. I also appreciated that Lisa was cost-conscious and knew just where to spend the bigger dollars and where to find cost savings including professional discounts that she was able to pass on to us.
This was our first experience with an Interior Designer and being a creative person, I wasn’t sure how it would work for me. I can assure you that it is very worthwhile to work with a professional designer and we will certainly be working with Lisa at The Good Home again! I hope that you will too.

Tim Hill, President: Tim Hill Fine Woodworking – January 2014

My custom furniture company, Tim Hill Fine Woodworking,  recently provided The Good Home with several free standing and built in
solid wood pieces with custom finishes.
Company owner Lisa Hincher was great to work with.
She’s super creative and thoughtful with her choices as they pertain to the big picture. She was also organized very quick to reply to any of our questions through the build process.
I certainly recommend her as a source to facilitate
your next home project.

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