Holiday Decorating

Woodland Theme Christmas

Photo by Liz Donnelly

I am absolutely loving all the woodland decorations this year!  There are so many wonderful owls, birds, and woodland creatures that you can incorporate into your existing  decor.  I decorated this tree using a mixture of three key elements: Silver, wintery whites and owls. A grapevine wreath was taken apart and used as a garland.  Silver balls, sparkly jeweled snowflakes and  assorted ornaments reflect the light and add a little glitz to the woodland theme and furry white over-sized ball ornaments.   Glittered curly picks were added to the tree for bit more sparkle and texture.

It’s in the details…

Photo by Liz Donnelly

Photo by Liz Donnelly

I love this woodland owl perched near the top of the tree. He seems to draws you in for a closer look! When decorating with a theme, you don’t want to overdo.  Just use a few pieces like this owl to really bring it all together.

Pictured below, a vintage sled sets the stage for gifts wrapped in fun chevron and animal print papers. Think outside the box! Sleds don’t need to be propped up outside the front door! They’re great used inside too.  This sled does double duty in hiding the artificial tree base.  In this case, the  tree base is set inside a basket with white burlap folded in at the top.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

sled with gifts


Enjoy your Fall mantle while there is still time left!
Enjoy your Fall mantle while there is still time left!

I love the colors of Fall – the beautiful reds, deep oranges, golds, and browns.  Once Thanksgiving arrives, they will be a thing of the past.  Pumpkins, candles, and garlands will all be taken down and boxed up until next year.  As the days get darker and colder, its nice to light our candles and settle in.  I love these orange and cream stripe tapers from Ana Candles (   The hectic pace of the holidays will be upon us in no time, so take a minute to enjoy and be thankful for all you have!

fall mantle - The Good Home

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